CEO/FOUNDERS: Bairav Swamy, Marki Krasner, Robert Albenda


WRONGWIRED at NJ COMIC CON talk to PRESS about their "overnight" success. NOIR, LIL WAYNE, FRANK MILLER...all inspiration for work. 

WRONGWIRED GOES "BACK TO THE FUTURE" with Micheal J FOX a strong advocate for helping people with Parkinson's.  WRONGWIRED to follow his lead and is the OFFICIAL SPONSOR for MIRACLE FOR ROBERT CHARITY EVENT IN MIAMI FLORIDA.


WRONGWIRED AT EAST-COAST COMIC CON at MEADOW LANDS NJ EXPO CENTER posing with two incredible comic lovers as they bought the last copy available of TRIPLE HEL1X 1st EDITION limited run preview issue......"Just an incredible feeling" the two Authors of the book both announced....They have also announced on social media that a reprint will not happen.....making the limited run a true collectible and one of a kind...